Greg Welch

About Greg:

Hometown: Wabash, Indiana

Born: 1982

Handedness: Right

PDGA Number: 135117

Player Bio:

Hello, So I started playing disc golf around 10 years ago and fell in love with the sport from the start. Just the fact of the challenge it gave me as a new player, coming from a athletic background it was something I thought would just come quick. Man was I totally wrong, it took a lot of work and time. In the beginning I really just played the game to play never thinking of it as much more than just a Hobby. In 2014 I decided to join the Military and enlisted in the United States Army as a Blackhawk mechanic, with that came a pause in playing disc golf for about 4 years. I only played a few times a year during that time. After getting out of the military in 2019, I decided to take the game seriously and see what could happen. So in 2020 I started playing more tournament play and working on my game, pushing myself to become a better player. That was the first year I played bigger tournaments, even playing in Ledgestone in the MA2 division. Fast forward to 2021, I made the step up to MA1 and played 28 tournaments last year, and won my first tournament at the Circus City Open in Peru, Indiana. To win a B-Tier tournament was a huge step for me and it only pushed me harder..

Fast forward to 2022, I have joined the Prodigy Disc Golf Battalion team and will be representing Prodigy this year and now have the opportunity to represent a great company like Fairway Disc as well. 2022 will be a great year and only looking forward to growing my game and pushing myself.


Notable Accomplishments:

  • 2021 Circus City Open Champion (MA1)

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